Lonny and I started traveling in our RV in the fall of 2016. We took a few extended trips around the US visiting family and exploring the beautiful USA. We also started volunteering in January 2017 with RV Volunteers. Our first couple of volunteer trips were to Hot Springs, AR at the Teen Challenge. We joined my brother Ronnie Franklin and his wife Jan Franklin working on their phones and Internet service. To learn more about what we do, visit here. To view videos of our projects, visit my YouTube Channel.

In the summer of 2019 Lonny and I worked in Ringgold, LA. The church there had been completely blown away by a tornado. We came at the very end of the project and were able to help finish the building.

Lonny and Tommy installing restroom dividers in Ringgold, LA
Cleaning up after working on kitchen fixtures in Ringgold, LA.

We worked on Beacon of Hope and the Callaway Church in Panama City, FL in the winter of 2020. We left home heading toward Florida on Dec. 31, 2019.

Working on Beacon of Hope A/G in Panama City, Florida

The summer of 2020 was amazing. We started our summer trip with six of our seven granddaughters and one daughter. We took them to see the Ark Encounter and the Cincinnati Zoo. The Ark is an amazing adventure and we all loved it.

The Ark Encounter
The Ark Encounter

From the Ark, the kids drove home and we headed to Wauregan, Connecticut to work on Central Assemble of God church with Pastor Tom, and Dan and Dianne Earnest, and Don and Carole Visser. The church family was amazing. They invited us to their homes for dinner, took us boating and kayaking. I got to ride my bicycle around and we had an amazing time trying to find the best farm made ice cream and the most delicious lobster and seafood.

A look at our work and play in Wauregan, CT
Mystic Seaport Baluga whale saying Hi!
Beach day in Rhode Island
Exploring a sunflower farm

Parking behind church.
Painting the heights

In 2021, we spent three months in Philadelphia, Mississippi renovating Great Commission Assembly of God church there. We worked with the regional missionaries, Melvin and Sherry Watson, good friends Tommy and Diane Hobson, and met new friends Ed and Glenda Kleppinger. We even made the paper while we were there. The pastor and the church families blessed us and made us feel welcome and appreciated.

News clipping

We were blessed to spend August 2021 on the Big Island of Hawaii working on the Home of Hope Teen Challenge for Women.

Me installing sheetrock
Lonny working on the ceiling.

From January through April of 2023 we worked in Jackson, Mississippi at the District offices of the Assembly of God on a house to be used for hospitality. Lonny and I worked with the missionary Melvin Watson and Sherry Watson. Ed and Glenda Kleppinger joined us for a few days.