Work from home, part-time or full-time and make good money! I did! Sandra Hines

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I’m a retired Texas educator and work part-time. VIPKID has brought in a good chunk of change! Many people make more working part time with VIPKID than they did working full time in a public school. I have been with them since March 2017, teaching English to kids in China. However, I stopped opening classes when China changed their laws. I still have a contract with them, but haven’t decided to pursue it. My husband and I have an RV and we travel North America. I teach from home or from the RV and sometimes from the home of a family member or even the front porch of the RV park. If I don’t want to work or we need to travel early, I don’t schedule any classes. It is the perfect job for me! When we are home, I often substitute teach in the local schools. 

VIPKID follows all US laws.

VIPKID is #5 on Forbes list of the best company to work for from home in 2017.

VIPKID targets ages 4-15 and they are working on a 15+ curriculum.

You set your own schedule teaching one child at a time for a 25 minute class. I have been averaging $22-23 an hour and there are tons of opportunities for bonuses. There is a tiny amount of prep needed since you just login and read from a set of 24-28 slides and that’s it! I preview the slides before hand, but once I’ve taught that class, I don’t need to review it again. Easiest thing ever! Seriously.

I used to teach a few classes each morning and occasionally in the evening.

You are considered an independent contractor and it is recommended that you save 30% of your pay for taxes. 15% of that is for FICA. You get paid once a month by the 4th.

Literally the easiest thing you could do.


  • You need a webcam
  • Reliable internet
  • A bachelor’s degree (in anything)
  • A North American accent
  • 1 year experience working with children (in any way)
  • You do NOT need a teaching certification

You set your own schedule (really!).

There are no minimum hours you have to work. They ask that you work at least 7.5 hours a week, but it is not required.

It’s an extremely easy job and it’s legitimate. If you are still leery, the contract includes a 2 week notice clause that allows you to give a two week notice and you are free.

As a side note, if you don’t get hired, you may reapply using a different email address and you may have a better chance of getting hired. They only hire about 10% of applicants but once you’re hired this is a breeze. You can also wait and reapply in three months. 

Here are some tips on getting hired. Speak very slowly and some suggest wearing red lipstick (if you want) because it pops on camera and it helps because they can clearly see your lips. If you don’t wear lipstick then make sure your lighting is good. Speak slowly and be silly. Use hand movements and props like puppets and flashcards.

Keep your language simple! Really simple! For example, if you need the person to circle something on the screen say “circle” while making the hand movement. Don’t say “can you circle this please?” I suggest putting sticky notes on the computer with your exact phrase for each slide so you don’t get tripped up. They provide you with the lesson, but unlike the actual VIPKID lessons, the interview lessons don’t provide the prospective teacher directions on the bottom.

Make sure your lighting is good and your background is either educational (posters, fabric, etc) or plain. 

The hiring process changes from time to time. You can currently select between two ways to interview. You can:

  • Book an interview: Pick a time slot from the calendar shown on the interview page. Join us for a 30-min session where you showcase your teaching skills to a VIPKID recruiter.
  • Record an interview: Record your demo lesson at your own time so that a VIPKID recruiter can evaluate you. Instructions on how to record your interview can be found on the interview page.

If you interview with a recruiter, correct the student/interviewer! If they say a word wrong, correct them. Point at your lips and say the word then put your hand by your ear indicating you want to hear them say it. Hand movements are your best friend.

You will interview and teach a Demo Class. To be successful you will need to:

  • Practice the demo lesson PPTs. (They will provide the slides.)
  • Take a look at their  Applicant Performance Indicators so you know what they are looking for in candidates.
  • Teach from a place with good background and lighting
  • Good Internet connection

In the meantime watch any of the videos below for insight, but please come back here to click my link to sign up

Teaching these cute kids is so much fun!!!! Some of the kids are fluent and you can have real conversations with them. I love it! I wake up in the morning 15-30 minutes before my class starts, pour some coffee, throw on a T-Shirt and a little makeup and I’m ready to go! I generally exercise, speak something and slap a few high fives in the air to make sure I’m ready. Most of my time is spent making sure my computer is ready to go. VIPKID wants the teachers to be silly, so some people wear wigs or silly glasses, etc.

The hardest part of this job might be getting accepted. 

Check the FAQ on their website. 

Are you ready? You can do it! VIPKid Sign Up: 

(This is my personal referral link.) 

My code is: SANDR0017

Don’t let the process scare you or put you off. You CAN do it! I did. 

Happy Teaching! 

Sandra Hines